artistic cast

Ilana Yahav


Ilana Yahav has always known that his fate would have been in the arts .

It has always looked for new and original ways to express the wide range of emotions and human feelings : painting, sculpture, and the arts in general.

"The experience of direct contact with the sand already fascinated me when I was a child . "

Ilana recalls :

"It was a happy childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean, which saw every day going to school. I drew a personal story , a kind of diary living in the sand. I drew it quickly before the wave came and swept everything away. I was enchanted . Stood there and watched until the pattern did not disappear , realizing that everything is transient and temporary ... "

So it is natural that the art of sand become the great love of his life. The ability to create a moving story using simple tools and natural it was for her a very exciting concept and has become the main form of his art: a unique art form , and minimalist , which uses sand , hands and soul. It is this absolute simplicity that makes this art so fascinating and challenging and exciting for her and the audience.

"I've always been fascinated by the ability of hand gestures to express emotions such as anger, compassion , and love ... Just like in the dance , these movements create emotions that play an important role in creation. "

Each job requires lengthy preparations , starting with the many sketches that the artist draws in a notebook ; then continues with experiments on the palette with the sand itself. Here, the establishment generally undergoes great changes because of the emotions and feelings evoked within her as she works with the sand.

Millions of people around the world love her and praise turn warm and encouraging. admirers of all religions , nationalities and artistic fields . Ilana regards it as a personal mission to include in its work on themes such as peace and the spread of these universal themes , through the language of art, a universal language for nature.


Michele Ascolese


Called the " Italian guitar " is a virtuoso among the most popular in our music scene .

Born in Salerno in 1953 , the eclectic guitarist began studying the guitar and taught himself already at twenty-one years is a professional musician . Today it is considered one of the most comprehensive and respected session musician by the numerous Italian artists , the names most representative of Italian pop music , that you are " leaning " to his guitars : first of all, Fabrizio De Andrè, whose name is inevitably associated with the his , following an ' intense and lasting collaboration . But , also , Sergio Caputo, Roberta Flack , Gino Paoli, Ornella Vanoni, PFM , Teresa De Sio , Angelo Branduardi, Moby , Edoardo de Crescenzo , Renato Zero, Eros Ramazzotti, Kill Hannah , Tullio De Piscopo , Mimmo de ' Tullio , Bungaro and many others.


And for many, Michele Ascolese is now " guitars " the big ones that come to life whenever Faber , loving with passion , touching their strings.


Francesco Marchetti


" There are rare occasions where , especially in these times , come literally overwhelmed by something special and beautiful.

 The project "The Sounds of Silence. Co- Balance " by Vito Terrible is one of those rare occasions, and I feel deeply honored to have been asked to be part of it , finding not only great music , but also , and above all, wonderful people."



He speaks so Francesco Marchetti , Composer , Orchestrator and Conductor of the most appreciated in Italy and abroad. It features national and international collaborations with : AL Webber for the revisiting of some of his biggest hits as " Cats ," " Evita ," " Jesus Christ Superstar" ; Disney , for which he oversaw the re-release of some of the most famous songs from animated films ; Warner Bros "Harry Potter 4" ; Bruno Zambrini for which he orchestrated and conducted music for the film ; Mediaset which he wrote soundtracks for film and television ; orchestrated the international television mini-series "Titanic : Birth of a Legend" , produced on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the sinking , aired in Italy , Germany and Denmark in 2012. The arranger of the song " Love Me Now " by Tim Hockenberry , hit in the United States .

Some of his compositions and orchestral realizations are studied music in various universities in the USA and Australia.


Green Clouds

They have an intense concert production assets , taking part in major festivals of the national and international scene : only nod in 2009, the group held the opening concert of the Saint Patrick's Day Festival at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, as the only Italian representation ; as well as in Spain to Tierradura Folk Festival in July 2012.

As part of the 14th Premio Mia Martini, the Green Clouds was awarded the prize for the best music of contamination. In 2011 , in conjunction with the Golden Circus Festival was awarded the medal of their recognition by the Chamber of Deputies as "First all-female group ."

Many of their songs have been used by Italian and foreign film productions .

Education has embarked on a path of research and analysis of the harmonies , the melodies and rhythms , open to all musical events understood as forms of aggregation and development .


It is in constant metamorphosis of the clouds that Green Clouds to draw inspiration to make music , understanding just how close link between the human being and the environment that surrounds it.



Luca Leonori


Outstanding Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, Sound Engineer.

His musical education began in the classical sphere, the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome; moves then to the Jazz at the Jazz Center Saint Louis.

The long experience of art by Luca Leonori begins in the 80s.

Creator of Cover Band Progressive, collaborate, over twenty years of professional artists with many of the world Rock-Pop Italian.

Produces and writes also many well-known songs Lounge Music produced and distributed.


He is currently the artistic director and producer of several Rock Band