haute culture

Haute Culture is born with the aim to promote and organize cultural events that they see as before matrix interaction between the arts and cultural exchanges between creatives of different nationalities for the spread of shared values ​​and on the ethical principles of universal stature . In particular, the first steps of the Association, up to that moment inactive , moving from the right to organize the event in May 2013 The Sounds of Silence. Co- existences , under the Presidency (January 2013) of the Master Vito Terrible, creator of the project and Composer of Music , with the objective of redefining the music and the artistic language as a form of alternative communication and valid, rooted in our culture and which today more than ever , there is an urgent need to strengthen the perception and universal value. This is also in its social role : Acting on the present and transfer messages healthy and constructive for the future in the folds and deep . A proposal free of ideologies , time to share , through sensitivity , artistic moments of intense musical quality and interdisciplinary . The vocation of the artist is to find a voice to tell their own vision of life , transmitting his own feelings to the audience that you are part of the active emotional dialogue . This is the matrix of the first project carried out by the Association. Introduction confirmed in its validity by the great appreciation by the users to the opera staging.