Co Existences

Co- Existence represent an artistic journey .

Aboard an imaginary sailboat ,

we will travel to find in every song a corresponding imaginary

"emotional haven."



In an exquisite voyage of creativity and sensibility ,

art is always in a dialogue with people. This dialogue gradually grows an awareness that our own personal path is built and even nurtured by the quality, depth and responsible being in our own life, in which the elements of this voyage are placed and called to interact.

In those places where Silence traces a unique and irreplaceable road such as to become a wholesome part of our very existence, our self-awareness is like a sound we hear. It marks the threshold all human beings have to cross in their path as they search for the truth and for the role they need to play to reach a universal harmony .

 Coexistences are at the heart of this multi-disciplinary art project: Coxistence of all human beings with the Universe as well as every individual and every single culture with the realm of feelings. seeking an inner balance that leaves the troubled waters behind, delivering us before the purity of inner choices we made based on our dreams, on liberty and love.





The Silence

  By definition,silence is the absence

of sound.


Still, even with no sound around us, one can achieve a silent mind only through specific meditation. .

Often though, even when there's silence all around us, inside us there is not. . Thus we use moments of silence outside of us to listen to that voicewe know too well and that is always speaking to us. . In our show we call it "the voice of the heart."

The moment when this happens we perceive our very nature, our purest feelings and sounds:

"The Sounds of Silence."

, When most inspired, these sounds can guide us as we reflect on a very basic truth of our inner life that deals with how we coexist with the fundamental elements in nature and how we relate to them, from our own birth and on to our "passage" into other dimensions..



" There where words end, music begins"


 The art voyage that is "The Sounds of Silence. Coexistences"  was inspired by a sentence by Heinrich Heine, the superb German poet and philosopher who has been for centuries the source of inspiration for some of the greatest composers in history.


Music, Sand Art, Sculpture and Literature, interact on stage, and follow a common thread of real Coexistence that is able to transfer onto the viewer poignant moments of genuine emotional reflection.


"Composer Vito Terribile's music

together with

the artistic creations that accompany it

during the performance

perfectly demonstrate that the beauty

and fascination of art are still the most powerful means of reaching mind and heart so to foster a dialogue and an exchange between different cultures.


The Roma-Mediterraneo Foundation

that I chair,

works constantly in this direction

by encouraging the divulgation of culture and an osmosis

between the creative expression of those countries that border the Mediterranean Sea,

at once a cradle of Western civilization and concrete promise for our future. Time has clearly shown how unexpected synergies and unexpressed potential often arise from intercultural dialogue, an aspect that under the auspices of our foundation has

brought us to promote international shows of immense cultural value, that in turn have proven essential in the local economies of each country to bring about both

socio-economic development and professional training for the local work force.


As mentioned,

the show ‘The Sound of Silence. Coexistences",

is a brilliant example of wonderful synergies and harmonious dialogue between various forms of art.

Maestro Terribile's music,

uniting classical melodies with modern sound technology,

is the underlying thread of a series of universal,

yet still Mediterranean, themes:

Water, Wind, Earth and Freedom…

An then follow the markings of Ilana Yahav,

the world renowned sand artist who creates incredibly suggestive images that surge to the heights of poetry as her hands sketch in the sand whilst the music's playing.They are ephemeral and unique works of art that possess fantastic expressive power

and are capable of guiding the spectators, absorbed in a dream-like state,

through an unprecedented sensorial journey..

A very honorable mention has to be made for the set design as well. A superb job done by the great French artist Serge Uberti whose sculptures are all made by using ready-found materials.


All this, preciously held in the marvelous setting

of my native land - my unforgotten Sicily,

an island of earthly and spiritual at once, a land that's always magically suggestive and that evokes

sounds, silences, colours and grand emotions alike."


 Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele