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Concept and Music : Vito Terribile


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Coexistences represent the core of The Sounds of Silence.

On an extraordinary stage, Music, Sand Art, Sculpture and Literature weave a precious fabric made of various artistic languages ​​all conveying emotions through parallel channels of expression, a unique message with great communicative power: healthy coexistences build value, in art as in life..

"The Sounds of Silence. Coexistences" is a multi-disciplinary artistic journey where music represents the heartbeat and where every other creative form blends to create a superb harmony as a whole.

The journey begins with music and sand. Notes and images. Sounds and emotions evoking

Earth, Water, Wind, Freedom, Dreams, Doubts, Love.

A show that is an unprecedented event conceived by composer Vito Terrible.In the silence of introspectionthevoice of awareness becomes louder and the inner world of each of us takes on the intense hues of the fundamental elements of existence.

A show that speaks clearly to everyone with great simplicity and without artifice, giving viewers unique emotions and offering messages of profound universal truths in a way that is both original and unexpected.

The music is particularly evocative and it was created by combining the natural sounds of the acoustic instruments of the orchestra with electronic sounds that draw from the latest technology, thus synthesizing in melodies with a bursting communicative force.

Eight pieces that were composed at different times during Terribile's career, but that together form a unique mosaic that comes alive in the dialogue between the various arts on the stage.

Composer and pianist Vito Terrible, author of the music, and the Marte Chamber Orchestra with

conductor Francesco Marchetti, will be joined by

the greatest sand artist in the world,

the Israeli Ilana Yahav who,

with her extraordinary hands will transform music, into the most poignant images ,

creating a visualcounterpoint to the music.


The choice of the very specialmusicians to play with the Classical Orchestra revealed itself to be perfect as well:

Conductor Francesco Marchetti , Michele Ascolese (guitars), the group of the Green Clouds , Luca Leonori (drums) and a true revelation of the show, in soprano Sonia Sciamanna.

Each track will be introduced with carefully selected readings by Corrado Tedeschi and his exquisite style that will in essenceaccompany the public at the threshold of emotion.

The impact with the music and the images of Earth Cry is often a very powerful experience for the spectators.

This first song tells the story of a mother's tears: it's Mother Earth. After thousands of years of waiting patiently enduring even the bullying of her own children, humankind, she decides to make her voice heard

with a desperate chant.

The set design is the work of French artist Serge Uberti, whose creative path is embued with those essential ties true of any existential journey:

it represents a poetic reinterpretation of nature modelled into sculptural forms treated with natural pigments and simple recycled materials , yet made precious by the artist's refined technique that's second to none.

"We want to bring the viewers to an emotional place whence the voice of the heart can be heard, the voice of their own heart, in a surreal yet intimate atmosphere, where anybody can perceive the suggestion of their own nature, their purest feelings, and the sounds of course:the sounds of silence.

As Vito Terrible says, When we are most inspired, these sounds can lead us to reflect on a very basic truth of our inner life:

our coexistence with the fundamental elements in nature and how we deal with our life.

Coxistence of all human beings with the Universe as well as every individual and every single culture with the realm of feelings.

Seeking an inner balance that leaves the troubled waters behind, delivering us before the purity of inner choices we made based on our dreams, on liberty and love.