In the songs composed by Vito Terrible, representing the musical part of the event,

are evoked by the coexistence fundamental worth committing to save our wonderful world .

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Earth cry

The first song tells us of the tears of a mother. The Earth . After thousands of years of patient endurance of bullying by her children , men , decides to make his voice heard through a desperate song . Try to make it clear that , if the man persists in not wanting to see and understand , she will despite himself, to defend themselves. His lament was born as a whisper , slowly becomes a cry of despair but also a strong suggestion. The last and only way that the human being has to save his mother and himself is to return to Co- Exist in the deepest sense of the term.

The introduction is taken from the song " Aura " by Marco Testoni.


Agua words

The water is another fundamental of life, and the Co- Existence . Essential for the survival of the planet and the human body. Sea currents generate all perfect mechanism of the seasons, phases of perennial creation and regeneration of life . We will dive deep in the ocean where , in a dimension completely devoid of sharp edges, the sound becomes soft and sweet, liquid filtered from this irreplaceable.


Song of the Whale

From the Water element we connect to the brothers that the Earth has given us, and that we all too often , into attitude of the intellect, we have subdued and often , with stupid insensibility , extinct . Animals. As an emblem of this mess , we have here the magnificent Queen of the Sea .

The Whale . With its sweet song reminds us that coexistence between man and animal can and must be free of malice and cruelty but , on the contrary , should be directed towards total harmony and constructive. The protection of life in all its forms becomes the foundation of a future based on sound Co- Existence .


Sweet Wind

The wind, invisible but real element , just as a symbol of the " feel " takes us to a sphere hard to digest , as any element that escapes rational control as impalpable. The wind as the bearer of life , fulfilling its task to populate the earth with vegetation , which is essential for its survival .

The wind engine as intangible travels, discoveries, deep emotions . He is the fuel of our trip.


Ali Libere ( free Wings)

To give the best of himself , man needs to feel free . The concept of absolute freedom has often identified in flight . Always the Co- Existence between the men had to be based on the rules laid down , starting , not to create kaos but that reveal their dark side related to misinterpretation and arrogance , have created a paradox: the illusion of being free , we are all shackled by invisible structural and cultural constraints . Locked in magic boxes , no longer masters of space and time , we live inside a dream of a run, a flight of course, to the infinite dimension in which our instincts can recognize pure happiness .


The Co- Existence of Man with his dreams , man himself has generated a phenomenal engine for its growth on this planet. It could be argued that a man , without his dreams , it's like a shell of life an end in itself . Without a before and an after , above all, a while .

Everything wonderful that we have created over time has been realized thanks to the dreams of someone who has been able to find a way to turn them into reality . Perhaps, without dreams, we would still be in the stone age . That same evening , demonstrates this concept in full .

The realization of a dream becomes living matter .



Boh is dedicated to a seemingly obscure side , but fundamental to the human spirit : the Co- Existence with our inner uncertainties. The existential doubts lead us , seek answers to questions that are essential to our growth. In a never-ending urge , day by day , let us brave once our worries , our fears , leading ultimately to revelations fundamental and positive for our lives . And here is the overcoming of doubt , revealed the way, brings us to the last port of this trip.




The Love is the Absolute Coexistence . The greatest weapon that man has at its disposal . Without it would be the absolute oblivion . Where love dwells there are no more doubts or uncertainties, is the purity of it all. But being able to find it within ourselves, often proves to be a challenge for us , the most difficult to overcome. Is described here the initial feeling of sadness generated by a life devoid of this element , which then, slowly , comes from our hearts until they explode in happiness inviolable. Co- exist is nourished by this element , our only possible way ...


Animae Mundi (new song )

A gift to the two popes Sanctified .

The song speaks of the features that the two popes have expressed , leaving humanity , a reminder heard of two souls who were able to convey the message of God through simplicity and warmth.

John XXIII and John Paul II were kindred souls and precious that they have dipped their moral standing in the "things of the world ." Each following his own natural inclination : the sweetness , the " strong calmness ," the tenderness of Pope John ; l ' exuberance , naturalness, tenacious and stubborn willpower of Pope Wojtyla . Reporting , both the man at the center of the process of real change towards the authentic way of life, the key developments in the ethics of the company, the more healthy respect for the principles of nature , the function of individual responsibility , with respect to the so always sought universal harmony .